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Monthly coaching really works!

Our Monthly Coaching service

Owning your own business is hard work and can often leave you feeling unsupported. Our Monthly Coaching service will provide you with the accountability and support needed to achieve your goals. We will help you to overcome obstacles and challenges in your business, maximising the synergy between your expertise and ours. Our Monthly Coaching service gives you the chance to:

  • Meet monthly with one of our senior team members

  • Review your results and find areas of improvement

  • Discuss burning issues and opportunities in your business

  • Work out ways of achieving the goals set in your Business Plan

  • Increase business performance and unlock growth

Ideally, Monthly Coaching takes place once you have completed a Business Plan. However, the programme may also be used as a vehicle to work through major changes in your business circumstances or to help you implement a strategic or succession plan. By joining our Monthly Coaching programme, you’ll:

  • Increase accountability and support from your Coach

  • Improve your business’s profitability and cashflow

  • Identify and solve your burning issues

  • Improve business performance by identifying ways to overcome challenging issues

  • Access the collective wisdom of our accountants, our systems, products, and services

If you need to be held accountable for completing actions and achieving your goals, get in touch for more information about how our Monthly Coaching programme could help you.

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