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R & D Claims

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The government introduced R&D tax relief to support and incentivise innovation amongst small and medium-sized UK businesses.

You could be claiming back up to £33 of every £100 spent, where the expenditure qualifies as Research & Development.

What does Research & Development mean?

Well, it can be found in any industry – it’s not just reserved for science and tech businesses – you need to know what you are looking for, so it’s important not to rule yourself out.

To be eligible, a business must be:

  1. Making a considerable improvement to existing technology does not always mean ground-breaking or innovative work. However, if a business is working to make their product, services, or processes faster, less expensive, or better in some way, then this may be eligible for R&D tax relief.

  2. Overcoming technological challenges, especially where the solution is not immediately obvious to a qualified professional.


How do I make a claim?

The process is straightforward and only requires 1-hour of your time.


To get started, we can identify in a 15-minute qualification call whether you can make an R&D Tax Claim.


If you qualify, great.

We would then schedule a slightly more in-depth consultation – around 45 minutes – to collect all the information needed to put the claim together for you.

A report is then produced, submitted to HMRC and finally, the money hits your bank.

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Contact us today for a free consultation.

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