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Do you plan to grow your business? Read our guide to business planning

Do you plan to grow your business but your not sure where to start?

As a business owner and business leader we know how difficult it can be to get bogged down in the day to day business tasks, you have enough on your to do list when it comes to your clients, your staff and delivering on the services and products you offer without thinking about the long term strategic plan.

We understand you will need support to set the annual business plan and we can help you through our interactive one day workshop to map out your annual business plan and the steps required to make it a reality.

Growing your business is a scary process but it doesn’t need to mean more risk, more hours and more headaches. With a bit of planning, the right systems, right people and resources you will create the opportunity to grow and scale your business to the next level to hit your growth targets.

We help businesses to create a business plans and identify all the key components including the opportunities for growth relevant to your business and industry which means its ready for the next step for you and your team to maximise on these opportunities, and we will help you overcome business challenges and obstacles along the way.

Here are our top tips to start thinking about creating a detailed business plan :

  • A clear direction for the business – a well built business plan gives you a defined path to follow, that outline your company’s purpose, its business goals and strategies. This helps everyone understand the business's mission, so everyone is working towards the same direction.

  • An overview of your financial strategy – your plan should include some revenue projections, expense forecasts and fundings.

  • An overview of threats and opportunities – a robust business plan will identify the potential challenges and risks faced by the business. This helps you develop contingency plans for overcoming these challenges, reducing your risk and keeping your company on track.

  • A summary of your sales and marketing strategy – outlining your sales and marketing strategy within your business plan will helps you target the right audience and differentiate your business in the market. This is critical to win your ideal customers and generate your sales revenue

  • Attract the right investors and lenders – a solid business plan gives you credibility when you’re investors and lenders. A good plan will demonstrate your commitment to the business, your understanding of the market and your ability to achieve long-term success. This is essential for securing investment and funding.

Having a solid business plan is what gives your company direction, structure and meaningful objectives as an firm.

As a accountancy tax and consultancy firm and advisors, we’ll help you understand your business goals and vision, and will help you translate this into a robust business plan.

We’ll also help you track your performance against this plan, and will work with you to update the strategy as the business evolves.

If you’d like to know more about business planning, we’ll be happy to explain. Get in touch for a free meeting today

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