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What gets you inspired?

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Running is my thing, gets me inspired and fitter and most importantly its me to step outside of my comfort zone to hit my life goals.

If I had to pin point one thing that helped me get on track with my career and business plans its all due to exercise. I would highly recommend setting up a exercise plan for you and cater it to your abilities and your individual goals.

Over the years I have took part in several half marathons and as part of my training I used to do a some lunch time runs or after work runs with lots of amazing colleagues. Always ended up starting a running group which meant you can’t get out of it because others are relying on you too. It was a great way to keep you going.

I have entered in for another half marathon for 2020 and started my training program which includes outdoor running, PT sessions and going to some gym classes. Its a great way to release stress and get 100% focused on your business goals.

What are you doing to get you inspired? To get you on track with your business and personal goals?

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