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Road to Financial Freedom

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Do you want to be on this Road to Financial Freedom?

Have the lifestyle and the funds to be able to live how you want to live, go on holidays and spend your time with your friends and family when you want? Have the Cash to be able to fund your hobbies and interests?

Personal and Business Goals

Have you given thought to what Your Personal & Business Goals are?

Once you know, then you need to be working on a plan, after all if you don’t plan you plan to fail.

So let’s Focus on your Business Goals, what are they? You want a business that makes enough profits to be able to fund your personal lifestyle?

Then you need to be thinking about Cashflow and how tracking this will help get to achieve your goals.

Lets get to work – to help you achieve Financial Freedom

What are your biggest concerns when it comes to cashflow?

Do you have enough Cash coming in from the Sale of your products and services to cover your outgoings?

Are you collecting your cash quick enough from your customers to be able to pay your suppliers and employees on a timely manner?

Are you charging enough for your products and services to cover your BAU (Business as Usual) expenditure?

If you are already borrowing money to fund your businesses monthly expenses, you should have a plan on how that debt will be repaid and your able to turn things to generate enough future profits to be debt free?

Are you looking to borrow money to fund assets i.e. building, machinery, cars? These purchases are going to be tied in with future loan repayments that will restrict your future cashflow. But also consider what buying that asset, building, machine will do for your business? Will it generate you income? Is it necessary at this pount in time to buy that new car or building.

A lot to think about.

It is absolutely key to track your Cashflow (Cash in and out), this includes regular expenses, one off expenses, Debt repayments, and the forecast the Growth of your business?

You can map out your cashflow on a simple spreadsheet or use a cashflow management tool.

To have a financial plan means you can see in black and white exactly what your future looks like on paper.

That alone is so powerful.

Once you have that plan and it has to be adjusted for future changes, and with this you truly can be on that Road to Financial Freedom.

Cashflow & Profits

Remember your in business to make money, all the stress and workload has to be for something, so what does that look like for you? Better lifestyle, work fewer days, take more holidays. There has to be reward to running your business right?

You should be able to confidently make all future financial decisions knowing in advance what impact that will have on your cash position and really focus on the growth of your business.

You can move forward and make the decisions necessary for future purchases, extra overheads i.e. a new office/workplace, recruitment freely knowing what impact that will have on your cash flow in the future.

Please enquire today if you are interested in cashflow forecast services. We are running webinars on cashflow, please register your interest via contact us page, email or call.

Free 30 min consultation to discuss your requirements, contact us

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